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Using MySQL

Table of Contents

Account Information

For SCE (Personal) Web Hosting

Request a MySQL account from an RA.

Account information can viewed on your accounts page.

For DCM (Course) Web Hosting

Check your accounts page for course information.

Host Names

For SCE (Personal) Accounts

Host name: sceweb.sce.uhcl.edu

For DCM (Course) Accounts

Host name: dcm.uhcl.edu

Connecting with MySQLWorkbench

MySQL Workbench

For SCE (Personal) Accounts For DCM (Course) Accounts

Note: You will not be able to access the MySQL server from the UHCL Wifi.

The image should help you use MySQL Workbench Browser
My SQL Workbench Screenshot

Connecting With PHPMyAdmin

For DCM (Course) Accounts

Connecting With Command Line

MySQL Command Line Tool

mysql -h sceweb.sce.uhcl.edu -u <mysql_user_name> -p<mysql_password>