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How to use Oracle on the machines in Windows Lab

Connecting to the Oracle Database

An instance of Oracle is installed on each computer in the Windows Lab. To connect to the instance, go to:

Start -> Oracle -> Development Tools -> SQL*Plus

You will now be given a prompt asking for a username. Enter this for the username:

sys as sysdba

You will now be given an prompt asking for a password. Enter this for the password:


Starting the Oracle Database

The Oracle Database is set to be in idle mode on startup. This means that you will need to start the database yourself. Once you have successfully logged in run this command:


You will see information about the startup parameters as the database starts. Once you are given a prompt, you can start querying the database.

Using the Oracle Database

Because you are logged in to the database as a sysdba, you have full control over the database. You can access any table, create users, create tables, and grant privileges. Other students must use the same computers to do their assignments, so please undo any changes to the database that you make. This includes dropping any tables, users, and types that you create.

Shutting down the Oracle Database

The Oracle Database uses a significant amount of memory. Please shut down the database before you log off using the following command:


SQL*Plus did not start correctly

If you get an error when starting SQL*Plus such as "TNS Adapter Error", you can run the following two commands in a command prompt to connect to the Oracle Database:

set oracle_sid=DBMSDB
sqlplus sys/dbms5333 as sysdba