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About the Unix Lab

The Unix lab is situated in Delta 158. It is set up so that at any given time, it could be partitioned to hold a class of up to 32 workstations. The lab has been upgraded with latest and faster processing machines with Ubuntu . Not only that, the lab has eight Intel-based iMac computers.

Facilities Available in Lab

We have 24 Gateway Workstations in Unix lab. All Gateway machines have Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit operating systems installed on them. The lab also comes equipped with a printer: HP LaserJet 8000N.

Hardware Details

Softwares Available

We also have 8 Apple iMac Machines available on this lab.

Where can I get help for the Unix lab?

The unix lab has its own FAQ. Questions outside of the Unix FAQ's scope should be directed to Krishani Abeysekera.