2017 Capstone Projects

2015-6 Capstone Projects

2001 Capstone Projects


1999 Capstone Projects

  1. Radiation Testing of the X-38 Data Acquisition Unit by Katharine Brown
  2. System Validation & Test Specifications for Single Board Computers by Corey Sy Nguyen
  3. Portable Computer System Command and Control Integration Test by David Dupnick
  4. Search Engine Development by Joys Punnoose
  5. Electrical Power Simulation for International Space Station by Dharmesh Shah
  6. Nasa Life Support System by Dawit Gebremichael
  7. Web site Development by Kanchan Gianchandani

1998 Capstone Projects

  1. Work with Network Simulation Software
  2. Add LabView to NT network system
  3. Develop Applications for Digital Signal Processing Boards
  4. Work on train and robotics project - remote control and web access

1997 Capstone Projects

  1. Design and Implementation of an Enterprise Intranet using Microsoft NT server
  2. Weather Station by Mark H. Holly
  3. Antarctica Satellite Communications and Tracking by Matthew A. Nelson
  4. Ultrasound Analysis using T1 DSP Boards by Jean Cheng
  5. Distended Reality: An Immersive Telerobotic Interface by Patrick H. O'Rear

1996 Capstone Projects

  1. TMS320C80 Multimedia Video Processor and Image Processing System by Wengang Liu
  2. Windows NT - The new operating environment by Datien Lang
  3. Remote Access of an ATM Network using ISDN by Chris Munk
  4. Parallel System Survey by Kalpana V. Kini
  5. Texture Analysis using CM-5 by John Joseph