Software Development Process Kernels

In this unit we will divide the software development process into kernels or phases. Each phase or kernel of this process will be explained in detail giving the student an in-depth understanding of all aspects of a software development process.


At the conclusion of this lesson the student will be able to:

  1. Define the steps in the software development process.
  2. Explain the steps in the software life cycle.
  3. Identify and explain each project phase of the software development process.
  4. Identify general test issues or concerns in a typical project.
  5. Assess what the different kernels of the software development process are and how they perform.
Study Guide
  1. Read Chapter 22, 23 Page 257 - 278, Managing Software Requirements: A Use Case Approach by Dean Leffingwell & Don Widrig.
  2. Read Appendix D Page 453.
  3. Study the Software Development Process Kernel Interaction (133K).
  4. Read the article on The Software Development Process Kernels (8 pgs. @ 37K).
  5. Complete Quiz 2 - Software Development Process Kernel using the "Quizzes" link located in the Course Menu.
Additional Resources

The following publications contain more detailed information about the testing techniques and methodologies:

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