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Mapping Network Drive for Personal Hosting

Note: for Course Accounts (DCM) follow this link instead

A mapped network drive is a remote file storage location that "appears" as a local drive on your computer.

To map a drive you will need:

Mapping a Drive

Step 1

Open up My Computer. On the top of the window click “map network drive”

Step 1

Step 2

Enter the information as shown in the figure below. Substitute "your_account_name" to the UHCL account name. Make sure to select 'Connect using different credentials'. This option opens prompt to enter UHCL credentials.

Step 2

Step 3

Enter your UHCL credentials.

Step 4

Step 4

Once done, your mapped network drive will appear in your “My computer” as an attached drive and is ready to you for adding and deleting files.

Step 5


If you are having trouble mapping the drive, check some general issues and their solutions on this page.