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Troubleshooting FTP

If you get "access denied" or error 550 without entering credentials, follow this guide to resolve it.

If you are not able to connect via FTP, or you are receiving an "access denied" error, try connecting to the server without adding the account name to the end of the URL.

For example, if you are connecting to the SCE server in this format:


try connecting like this instead:


If you have Any connectivity Issues with Uhcl Network or Home Network Follow the Guide Lines

The most obvious way to connect to the UHCL network is to log on to an on-campus computer. However, the UHCL WiFi network is not considered a part of the UHCL network. Please try to connect to UHCL Private wifi Instead of UHCL public wifi Network.

If you are not on campus, you can still connect to the UHCL network via VPN. The UHCL University Computing and Telecom Department (UCT) has put together detailed information on how to connect via VPN. For VPN Connectivity,Please follow the instructions in the link UHCL VPN Please note: The SCE department does not provide support for VPN. All VPN related inquires should be directed to the UCT department.

If the problem persists, contact a Research Assistant for assistance. Alternatively, check out how to map a network drive to your computer for transferring your files instead.